Is the content country-specific?

We currently have subscribers from companies of all sizes across 36 countries. We try to keep the topics relevant regardless of location. While most of our services are on-demand and therefore not time specific, for those who can't join the live webconferences because of the time difference or schedule conflicts we normally make the recordings available for watching by the next day and written summaries available within 3 days (just login to access them).

What is the profile of the typical participant?

The profile varies widely from staff members identified as high potential future leaders to mid-level managers to high performance C-Level executives seeking to stay current on the cutting edge of key strategies and best practices. In the words of Jack Welch, "An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage."

Can we share participant subscriptions?

Each license is for a single participant and each user should have their own registration login. Sharing is cause for immediate termination, please send any questions or report any abuse at

Why are so many top executives willing to speak?

Most top executives rose to their positions by implementing best practices and developing others in order to exceed their organization's goals. They are true professionals who continuously strive to learn about new best practices to stay current and helping others succeed comes naturally to them. Leading presentations and discussions provides them with the ideal platform to exchange and learn about the latest best practices, what is working, what is not, and the best pathways to make their own organization more successful.

Can I do a trial subscription?

No because registrants have immediate access to all the content, however you have 30 days after subscribing to request a full refund for any reason. This allows you to try it without risk.

What is the cost?

The enrollment fees are covered in the "Enroll" tab. Included is 12 months of service

Can I earn CPE / CEU education credits?

We provide completion certificates which you may submit to your accrediting entity for possible credit. We are not pre-certified but most accreditation entities honor other sources of learning as long as the date, topic, content, length and attendance can be confirmed (these are all contained in our completion certificates).

Can I get a copy of your W-9 form?

Click here to download our W-9 form.

Participation Agreement.

Our full participation agreement and privacy policy are located  Here

Additional questions?

Click here for various ways to ask us questions directly.

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"I think networking outside your industry is critical to keep the flow of new ideas coming into your mind, and your organization."
- Jim McComb, SVP, Bank of America

"I like your service very much. "
- Thomas Berner, E.V.P., First Capital

"Talking to peers and sharing best practices -- it's very powerful. Even at my level of experience, I still learn new things."
  - Michael Frankel, Sr.V.P., LexisNexis Group

"Networking is a lifeline to being successful and to helping your group achieve your goals. You have to have a fresh perspective."
- Eric Thomas, Novell

"It's amazing, how giving companies are to share their best practices. It's an awesome way to move forward; it's a diversity of experience, a diversity of knowledge, you can tap into."
- Ron Reighter, VP, Sun Trust Bank

"Networking is very valuable in not only finding and bringing in the right people for your organization, but in keeping connected with others. You can exchange ideas and learn from other people's experiences."
- Dov Shenkman, SVP, OfficeMax

"Networking helps me review business issues with peers. And of course, by networking, I am able to hire some of the best people to join the Go Daddy family."
-Michael Zimmerman,

"The staff and facilitators are wonderful!"
  - Shirley Weis, Mayo Clinic