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Engineering Leadership Institute Meeting Dates

All webconferences begin at 12 noon Eastern unless noted below and are also both recorded and summarized for our international members and those with schedule conflicts.
2015:   1/15/15, 2/19/15, 3/19/15, 4/16/15, 5/21/15, 6/18/15, 7/16/15, 8/20/15, 9/17/15 (2pm), 10/15/15, 11/19/15 (2pm), 12/17/15 (2pm).
2016:   1/21/16, 2/18/16, 3/17/16, 4/21/16, 5/19/16, 6/16/16, 7/21/16, 8/18/16, 9/15/16, 10/20/16, 11/17/16 (2pm), 12/15/16 (2pm).

On-Demand Library (Videos and Summaries Included)

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Raytheon, William Russell, Senior Manager, Performance Consulting.
  Presenting: "Six Sigma at its Best-Six Sigma in New Product Development."

Unilever, Tracy Feldman, Plant Engineering Manager.
  Presenting: "Applying Continuous Improvement to Engineering Designs."

Boston Scientific, Max Cortner, Director of Test Engineering.
  Presenting: "Engineering a Quality Product."

Deloitte & Touche LLP, Don Mays, Director, Product Safety, Quality, & Compliance.
  Presenting: "Managing Product Safety Protecting and Building Brand Value."

Analog Devices, Damien McCartney, Product Development Engineering Manager.
  Presenting: "Product Development for High Performance."

Raytheon, Fred Darrlington, VP of Engineering.
  Presenting: "Transferring a Large Distributed Engineering and Technology Organization."

AT&T, Mike Stephens, Director of Network Engineering.
  Presenting: "How Do You Drive Innovation in a Large Organization."

Lockheed Martin, Yvette Falto-Heck, Director of Systems Engineering for Integrated Systems.
  Presenting: "Using Six Sigma in Engineering."

Pepperidge Farm, Matthew Swanson, Director of Engineering.
  Presenting: "Capital Project Summary Presentations."

Rockwell Collins, Ted Dougan, Senior Manufacturing Electrical Engineer.
  Presenting: "A Holistic Approach to Lifecycle Test Strategies."

Lennox Residential Heating & Cooling, Michael A. Anleitner, Principal Quality Engineer.
  Presenting: "The Ideas Every Change Agent Should Know."

Ritz-Carlton, Brett Bray, Director of Engineering.
  Presenting: "Managing Your Manager."

Thomson Reuters, Dustin Wolfe, Director of Product Engineering.
  Presenting: "Automating Software Production."

Media News Group, Jason E. Rist, Software User Interface Engineer.
  Presenting: "User Interface Design Prinicpals: Shouldn't It Be a Given?."

Pepperidge Farm, Jennifer Lannom, Corporate Manager, HPO & Operational Excellence.
  Presenting: "High Performance Organization."

General Electric, Thomas Stanley, Chief Technology Officer.
  Presenting: "Water Recovery and Reuse."

CIGNA, Brian Mitchell, Chief Architect.
  Presenting: "Architechting Web and Mobile Solutions to Meet Modern Customer Expectations."

Wyndham Peachtree, Lionel Thomas, Director of Engineering.
  Presenting: "Engineering and Customer Service."

Unisys, Mark Hodapp, VP Cloud Engineering.
  Presenting: "Changing Agile."

Welch Allyn, Ian K. Edwards, Senior Director, Corporate Technology Office.
  Presenting: "Technology Roadmapping."

Cisco, Scott Boyd, Sr. Systems Engineering Director.
  Presenting: "The Next Generation Work Force Environment."

Chiquita, Robyn Wilbanks, Plant Engineer.
  Presenting: "Managing Maintenance as a Business."

CenturyLink IT, Georgia Funari, Chief Data Architect.
  Presenting: "Enterprise Data Architecture."

Xerox Corporation, Tony Federico, Chief Engineer.
  Presenting: "Organizational Motivations."

AARP, Armin Kittel, ITS Director.
  Presenting: "Enterprise Content Management - a Report from the Trenches of an Implementation Journey."

UNUM, Curtis Gunderson, Sr. Infrastructure Engineer.
  Presenting: "Evolution to the Private Cloud."

Ricoh Americas, Jake Hegarty, Sr. Director, Employee & Leadership Development.
  Presenting: "Succession Planning Tools: 89% Promotions from Within."

Applied Trust Engineering, Trent R. Hein, CEO.
  Presenting: "Fundamentals of an Information Security Program."

EMC Engineering Services, Larry Stuber, Chairman.
  Presenting: "Ownership Transitions for Engineering Companies."

Psomas, Tim Psomas, Chairman of the Board.
  Presenting: "The Role of the A/E Firm Board of Directors."

S3, Jan Smith, CEO & Chairman.
  Presenting: "Value and Process of Obtaining ISO/AS9100 Certification."

SGT Inc., Harold Stinger, President & CEO.
  Presenting: "The Importance of Continuous Improvement."

Selby Group Companies, Gerald Zadikoff, CEO & Chairman.
  Presenting: "Engineered Infrastructure Projects in Emerging Markets."

Halliburton, Jay Burris, Director Completion and Production Division.
  Presenting: "Corporate Product Innovation in a De-Centralized Organization."

Fabricators and Manufacturers Association, Dr. Chris Khuel, Chief Economist.
  Presenting: "Feeling Cornered? It IS the Year of the Rat!"

Pacific Gas and Electric, Mark Bramfitt, P.E., Principal Program Manager.
  Presenting: "Energy Efficiency Leadership for Data Centers and IT."

Victaulic, Frank Barstow Product Manager and William Reilly, Director of Research.
  Presenting: "The Next Generation of Fire Suppression."

Raytheon Company, Tracy Cox, Director of Performance Consulting.
  Presenting: "How Organizational Networks Create Business Value."

Moll Industries Inc., Andy Jobson, Director of Quality.
  Presenting: "Quality Planning and Design Transfer."

Lauren Engineers and Constructors, Cleve Whitener, CEO & Chairman.
  Presenting: "Managing the Design/Build Process."

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