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Finance Leadership Institute Meeting Dates

All webconferences begin at 12 noon Eastern unless noted below and are also both recorded and summarized for our international members and those with schedule conflicts.
2015:   1/26/15, 2/12/15, 3/12/15, 4/9/15, 5/14/15, 6/11/15, 7/9/15 (2pm), 8/13/15, 9/10/15, 10/8/15, 11/12/15, 12/10/15.
2016:   1/14/16, 2/11/16, 3/10/16, 4/14/16, 5/12/16, 6/9/16, 7/14/16, 8/11/16, 9/8/16, 10/13/16, 11/10/16, 12/8/16.

On-Demand Library (Videos and Summaries Included)

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NASDAQ OMX Group, Frank Hatheway, Chief Economist and Senior Vice President.
  Presenting: "State of the Economy & the IPO Market."

Toyota, Chris Ballinger, Sr.V.P. & CFO.
  Presenting: "Using Data Analytics to Drive Performance."

Office Depot, Terry Nichols, Vice President, Global Loss Prevention/Safety.
  Presenting: "Predictive Modeling to Reduce Risk."

Shell, George Connell, VP Strategy and Finance Operations.
  Presenting: "Finance Transformation Case Study."

Microsoft, Marilee Byers, Director, Financial Compliance Group.
  Presenting: "Controls Monitoring."

MillerCoors, Tim Wolf, Chief Financial and Integration Officer.
  Presenting: "The CFO as the Chief Dealmaker."

FASB, Edward Trott, Chairman.
  Presenting: "Discussion of the FASB's Agenda."

Banner Health, Jeff Buehrle, VP and CFO East Region.
  Presenting: "How Strategic Alignment Drives Operational Performance."

Vonage Corporation, Barry Rowan, CFO and Chief Administrative Officer.
  Presenting: "A Search for Meaning in our Work."

Polycom, Don Floyd, Chief Audit Executive and Compliance Officer.
  Presenting: "Enterprise Risk Management: An Implementation Case Study."

Bank of America, Jim McComb, Senior Vice President, Finance.
  Presenting: "Effective Financial Forecasting Techniques."

Pearson, Bhadresh Sutaria, CFO and Sr. Vice President, Assessment & Information Group.
  Presenting: "Business Performance Management."

AOL, Arthur Minson, EVP, Chief Financial and Administrative Officer.
  Presenting: "Executing a Turnaround."

Arrow Electronics, Paul Reilly, Executive Vice President, Finance and Operations & CFO.
  Presenting: "Investor Relations Overview."

Marathon Oil, Richard Kolencik, former CPA, Assistant Secretary, Sr. Group Counsel.
  Presenting: "Insider Trading, Reporting and Regulation."

Winnebago Industries, Sarah Nielsen, Vice President - Chief Financial Officer.
  Presenting: "External Financial Reporting: Process Improvement Success Story."

Barron's, Jim McTague, Washington Editor.
  Presenting: "Business Tax Policy and Regulations."

Plantronics, Barbara Scherer, Senior Vice President & CFO.
  Presenting: "Understand the Business Drivers for UC."

KPMG, Ralph Canter, Managing Director.
  Presenting: "The Role of the CFO in Driving Cost Optimization in Turbulent Times."

APQC, Mary Driscoll, Senior Research Fellow.
  Presenting: "Finance Process Improvement: Top Performance Up Close."

First Data Corporation, Nigel Andre, VP of Finance.
  Presenting: "The Future of Money."

Microsoft Corporation, Robert M. Weede, Assistant Corporate Controller.
  Presenting: "Finance Function Case Study: an Inside Look."

Rampant Lion Sports, Steven D. Koss, MBS; Planning and Management Committee of IAAM.
  Presenting: "From A to A+: Making the Grade by Rethinking the Role of the CFO."

Walgreen's, Wade Miquelon, CFO.
  Presenting: "Thoughts for Surviving, Thriving, and Transforming in Tough Economic Times."

SAS, Clark Abrahams, Chief Financial Architect.
  Presenting: "Optimizing Our Nation's Credit System With a Credit Assessment Framework."

Citibank, Scot Parnell, CFO, Student Loan Corporation.
  Presenting: "Leading Through Challenge-What To Do When Everything You Know Changes."

Ernst & Young, Robert Baldoni, Treasury Services Leader.
  Presenting: "Foreign Exchange Risk Management: An Integrated Business Approach."

Cox, Mike Mannheimer, VP & Chief Procurement Officer.
  Presenting: "Is Your Sustainability Program Financially Sustainable?"

Deluxe Corporation, Jeff Johnson, Treasurer & Vice President, Investor Relations.
  Presenting: "Credit Facility Financing: A View From The Trenches."

Cardinal Health, Jeff Henderson, CFO.
  Presenting: "Thriving in a Volatile Market Period."

Pearson, Bhadresh Sutaria, CFO and Sr. Vice President, Assessment & Information Group.
  Presenting: "Business Performance Management."

UNUM, Tyler Siira, Director, Corporate Treasury.
  Presenting: "Sidecar Leadership: Grooming Your #2 (and Beyond)."

KPMG, Ralph Canter, CFO.
  Presenting: "The Reinvention of Finance."

Gartner, Michael Smith, VP Analyst.
  Presenting: "How 21st Century Financial Reporting Requirements Will Impact CFO's"

KPMG, Eugene Kublanov, Managing Director, Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory.
  Presenting: "Effective Services Governance: Balancing Performance and Risk Management."

NASDAQ OMX Group, Frank Hatheway, Chief Economist and Senior Vice President.
  Presenting: "State of the U.S. Economy & the IPO Market."

Acxiom Corporation, Brett Madison, Vice-President of Finance.
  Presenting: "Financial Planning and Analysis Transformation."

Morningstar, Heather Brilliant, global head of equity and corporate credit research.
  Presenting: "Equity and Corporate Credit Research."

First Choice Medical Supply, Stacey Holt, CFO.
  Presenting: "Becoming a Customer-Centric Biller."

Bank of America, Jim McComb, Senior Vice President, Finance.
  Presenting: "Taming Wild Cards: The CFO's Secret to Planning for Certain Success in an Uncertain World."

Rotary International, Lori Carlson, CFO.
  Presenting: "A Roadmap to Financial Sustainability."

Shell, George Connell, Vice President, Strategy and Migrations Finance Operations.
  Presenting: "Transforming Finance for Enterprise Excellence."

McGraw Hill Financial, Michelle Ferguson, Senior Vice President, Global Business Services.
  Presenting: "The Perfect Storm: Transformation, Outsourcing and an ERP Implementation."

Technicolor Canada, Sunil Gulati, Director of Operations.
  Presenting: "Cost Control in Operations."

AkzoNobel, Jennifer Midura, Head of Strategy and M&A.
  Presenting: "End-user Segmentation."

BorgWarner, Brian Maturi, Director of Risk Management.
  Presenting: "Enterprise Risk Management at BorgWarner."

Bank of America, Jim McComb, Senior Vice President, Finance.
  Presenting: "Positioning Your Organization for Certain Success in an Uncertain Future."

Pearson, Bhadresh Sutaria, Sr. VP - Finance.
  Presenting: "Business Performance Management."

US Foods, W. Shane Guilliams, VP, Vendor Finance.
  Presenting: "Streamlining Shared Services in Accounts Payable."

Waste Management, Cherie Rice, Vice President, Finance & Treasurer.
  Presenting: "Commodity Risk Management."

AP Now, Mary Schaeffer.
  Presenting: "Travel & Entertainment Best Practices: Fraud Prevention & Complying with Tax Requirements."

Lionsgate, Michael Hainkel, Executive Vice President, Tax.
  Presenting: "Optimizing Your Effective Tax Rate."

Goldman Sachs & CO, Matt Dailey, VP - Head of US Liquidity Sales.
  Presenting: "Liquidity Management: Challenges Persist."

The Wendy's Company, Ed Martinez, VP - Shared Services.
  Presenting: "Finance Transformation Driving Value Through Shared Services."

GameStop, Rob Lloyd, Chief Financial Officer.
  Presenting: "Transforming the Future: Re-Defining the Annual Planning Process."

Halliburton, Millicent Chancellor, Vice President, Finance.
  Presenting: "Transforming a Worldwide Finance Organization."

Banner Health, Jeff Buehrle, CFO-Arizona East Region.
  Presenting: "How Strategic Alignment Drives Operational Performance."

RentPath, Michael Shaw Vice President - Tax.
  Presenting: "Corporate Tax Function: A CFO Primer."

Office Depot, Robert (Bob) Brewer, Senior Vice President & Chief Compliance Officer.
  Presenting: "Predictive Modeling to Reduce Risk."

BSR, Scott Travasos, CAO.
  Presenting: "Finance in the Cloud and Social Communication."

CBIZ MHM, Bill Smith, Managing Director, National Tax Office.
  Presenting: "Schedule UTP: You No Longer Have The Right to Remain Silent."

Winnebago Industries, Sarah Nielsen, Vice President - Chief Financial Officer.
  Presenting: "External Financial Reporting: Process Improvement Success Story."

Lehman Brothers, Robert Willens, Managing Director.
  Presenting: "Accounting for Uncertainty in Income Taxes - a discussion of FIN 48 plus Recent Acquisition and Spinoff Tax Strategies."

Oracle, Folia Grace, VP, ERP and BI Applications.
  Presenting: "Advances in Financial Technology and Applications-Trends and Practical Uses."

Gartner, Christopher Lafond, EVP and CFO.
  Presenting: "High Performance Finance."

NASDAQ, Bill Shaw, Managing Director.
  Presenting: "NASDAQ - Overview of the International Markets - Trends and Where We Are Headed."

FASB, Edward Trott, Chairman.
  Presenting: "Discussion of the FASB's Agenda."

iRobot, Geoffrey Clear, Senior Vice President and CFO.
  Presenting: "Six Things You Always Wanted to Know About IPOs."

EDS, Al Decker, Executive Director Enterprise Risk Management.
  Presenting: "Operationalizing ERM."

Roadway, CFO & Sr. VP Finance and Administration, Bhadresh Sutaria.
  Presenting: "Finance Transformation."

Cisco, David Holland, VP.
  Presenting: "Building a Linear Business."

SAS, David Davis, VP and Chief Accounting Officer.
  Presenting: "IT & the Future of Financial Reporting."

Dell, Al Boddorf, Senior Mgr, Global Financial Services, Fraud Operations.
  Presenting: "An Outlook on Globalization and Fraud."

Ernst & Young, Robert Baldoni, Partner, Global Treasury Advisory Group.
  Presenting: "Better Cash Flow Forecasting."

Gartner, Annemarie Earley, Managing VP, Gartner Research Vertical Team.
  Presenting: "Keep it Simple: Payment Convergence."

Idea, Henry Camp, CFO.
  Presenting: "How to Beat the Cash Crunch Now."

NASDAQ, Bill Shaw, Managing Director.
  Presenting: "International Trends for Exchanges, Listed and Private Companies."

ERM Advisors, Al Decker, Principal.
  Presenting: "The Enterprise Risk Managed Business Plan: Giving ERM a Purpose."

Sun Trust, Ron Reighter, Vice Preseident Global Trade Solutions.
  Presenting: "The Financial Supply Chain and International Financial Transactions."

Alcoa, Bill O'Rourke, CAO.
  Presenting: "Experience in Focusing on GASE Expenditures."

LexisNexis, Michael Frankel, Senior Vice President Finance and M&A.
  Presenting: "Balancing P&L Verses Balance Sheet in Choosing Acquisition vs. Building."

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