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Logistics Leadership Institute Meeting Dates

All webconferences begin at 12 noon Eastern unless noted below and are also both recorded and summarized for our international members and those with schedule conflicts.
2015:   1/13/15, 2/3/15, 3/3/15, 4/7/15, 5/5/15, 6/2/15, 7/7/15, 8/4/15, 9/1/15, 10/6/15, 11/3/15, 12/1/15.
2016:   1/12/16, 2/9/16, 3/8/16, 4/12/16, 5/10/16, 6/14/16, 7/12/16, 8/9/16, 9/13/16, 10/11/16, 11/8/16, 12/13/16.

On-Demand Library (Videos and Summaries Included)

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Honeywell, Jim Oelkers, Director, Global Supply Chain Planning.
  Presenting: "Cycle Time Improvements."

OfficeMax, Dov Shenkman, SVP Inventory Management and Replenishment.
  Presenting: "A Supply Chain Case Study: Reinvention of a Dated Process."

General Mills, Kevin Schoen, Vice President of Logistics and Customer Supply Chain.
  Presenting: "Logistics & Customer Supply Chain Solutions Overview."

Cox, George Richter, Vice President, Supply Chain Management.
  Presenting: "How to Build Supply Chain Organization Results and Accountability."

Kraft Foods, Janeth Caicedo, Director, Customer Logistics.
  Presenting: "Key Areas of Focus for Best Practices DSD Logistics."

Boeing, Tom Hoang, Regional Director, Cargo Marketing.
  Presenting: "Cargo Market Outlook."

SMS-Advisors, G. Sean Williams, Executive Director.
  Presenting: "Project Leadership in Supply Chain."

Qualcomm, Norm Ellis, Vice President, Transportation & Logistics.
  Presenting: "Best Practices in Logistics & Transportation."

Deutsche Bank, Rick Striano, Regional Product Head - Trade & Supply Chain.
  Presenting: "Lean Supply Chain Management."

Gap, Chris Batson, Manager of GSCLP Investigations and Inventory Analysis.
  Presenting: "Physical Security and Theft in Warehouses."

Sonoco, Keith Holliday, Director, Supply Chain and Operating Excellence.
  Presenting: "Building a Lean Supply Chain - with world class customer experience and cash performance."

Deloitte Development, Michael Gilson, Partner, National Leader of Supply Chain.
  Presenting: "Business Model Optimization: Linking Tax and Logistics thru Transformation."

J.B. Hunt Transport, Johnie Wood, VP Corporate Security.
  Presenting: "Combating Organized Crime in Transportation & Logistics."

Cox Enterprises, Mark Leuenberger, Assistant VP, Supply Chain and Fleet.
  Presenting: "Telematics in support of Mobile Resource Management (MRM)."

Hannaford Supermarket div of Delhaize Group, Scott Craig, Director of Supply Chain Logistics.
  Presenting: "Customer Demand Driven Replenishment."

CA Technologies, Stan Brown, Global Vice President Supply Chain.
  Presenting: "Reducing Risk in Supply Chain."

7-Eleven, Scott Kennedy, Fuels Transportation Manager.
  Presenting: "Supplying Rapid Growth."

SAP, Andres Botero, Senior Director, Supply Chain Management Marketing.
  Presenting: "The Real-Time Supply Chain and the Importance of Excelling in Execution."

Welch's, Donald "Dee" Biggs, Director of Customer Logistics.
  Presenting: "Using Supply Chain Collaboration to Drive Sales, Reduce Cost and Improve Service."

J.B. Hunt Transport, Johnie Wood, VP Corporate Security.
  Presenting: "Cargo Theft Trends and Case Studies."

Arrow, Tim Kolbus, VP, Global Logistics.
  Presenting: "Reverse and Forward: Innovating Logistics to Recover Value and Fuel the Future."

USPS, Karen Pompanella, Manager, Transportation Portfolio.
  Presenting: "US Postal Service Transportation Overview."

Cisco, Jack N. Allen, Senior Director, Global Logistics, Customer Value Chain Management.
  Presenting: "Flexibility in Unusually Uncertain Times."

J.B. Hunt, Brett Beaver, Director of Transportation.
  Presenting: "Lean Transportation Management."

Accenture, Robert Forrest, Senior Director, Procurement Costing.
  Presenting: "Expanding Sourcing's Impact Through Complexity Management."

Symantec, William Barthell, Senior Director - Operations & Trade Compliance, Legal.
  Presenting: "Trade Sanctions."

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