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PR Leadership Institute Meeting Dates

All webconferences begin at 12 noon Eastern unless noted below and are also both recorded and summarized for our international members and those with schedule conflicts.
2015:   1/21/15, 2/18/15, 4/15/15, 5/20/15, 6/17/15, 7/15/15, 8/19/15, 9/16/15, 9/23/15, 10/21/15, 11/18/15, 12/16/15.
2016:   1/20/16, 2/17/16, 3/16/16, 4/20/16, 5/18/16, 6/15/16, 7/20/16, 8/17/16, 9/21/16, 10/19/16, 11/16/16, 12/21/16.

On-Demand Library (Videos and Summaries Included)

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Walt Disney, Matthew Grossman, V.P. Corporate Communications & Publicity.
  Presenting: "PR and Global Brand Management."

Frito-Lay, Chris Kuechenmeister, Director of PR.
  Presenting: "Leveraging PR to Raise Market and Brand Awareness."

Netflix, Steve Swasey, Vice President, Corporate Communications.
  Presenting: "Creating a Brand That Changes Things."

Viacom, Kelly McAndrew, VP, Corporate Communications.
  Presenting: "PR Best Practices at Viacom."

Aston Martin, Simon Sproule, Director of Global Marketing and Communications.
  Presenting: "Marcom Integration: A Personal View."

Wells Fargo, Kathleen Leary, SVP, Communications.
  Presenting: "Five Good Ideas for Success in Public Relations and in Life."

Novell, Ian Bruce, Director Worldwide AR & PR.
  Presenting: "Making PR a Strategic Part of the Marketing Toolkit."

Sprint Nextel, Bill White, SVP - Corporate Communications.
  Presenting: "Building Reputation Through New Approaches and New Techniques."

Jockey International, Mo Moorman, Public Relations Director.
  Presenting: "Tebow Time for Jockey."

Toyota Motor Sales, Michael Rouse, VP, Philanthropy & Community Affairs.
  Presenting: "Philanthropy, Community Affairs, Internal Communications."

Pitney Bowes, Matthew Broder, Vice President, External Communications.
  Presenting: "The Seven Great PR Transformations."

Domino's Pizza, Tim McIntyre, Vice President, Communications.
  Presenting: "We Sell Pizza. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?"

Sprint, Stephanie Greenwood, Manager, Communications.
  Presenting: "A Day in the Life of B-to-B PR."

Hilton Hotels, Leanne Pletcher, Director of Marketing Communications.
  Presenting: "PR in Paradise."

Cummins, Blair Claflin, Director of Sustainability Communications.
  Presenting: "Sustainability Communications: What it Means at Cummins."

Hexaware & SAP, Sunder Madakshira, VP Marketing and Communications.
  Presenting: "The Business Value of Communication."

America's Cup, Stephanie Martin, Chief Communications Officer.
  Presenting: "America's Cup - Sailing Through PR."

Harte-Hanks Trillium Software, Mike Antonellis, Director of Corporate Communications.
  Presenting: "The Expanding Role of Corporate Communications in the Business."

Rockwell Collins, Pam Tvrdy, Manager of Media Relations.
  Presenting: "Telling the Innovation Story."

Verizon Wireless, Michelle Gilbert Public Relations Manager.
  Presenting: "How To Make Social Media Work For You In Just 10 Minutes A Day."

ERM Associates, Al Decker, Founder.
  Presenting: "The Enterprise Risk Managed Business Plan."

Sun Microsystems, Stephen E. Goodman, Head of Strategy and Research.
  Presenting: "Executive Thought Leadership and Influencer Relationships."

IDG, Howard Sholkin, Director, Communications & Marketing Programs.
  Presenting: "Multi-disciplinary Approach to Meeting Business Requirements."

High Alert, Dr. Maurice Ramirez, Founder and President.
  Presenting: "The PR Food Pyramid: Feeding Your Business With Social Media Publicity."

Avery Dennison Corp, Stephanie Martin, Senior Director, External Communications.
  Presenting: "Cause Marketing: Avery Dennison's Give Back to Schools Program."

Hilton Hotels, Waikoloa Village - Leanne Pletcher, Director of Public Relations.
  Presenting: "PR and the Media."

Novartis Animal Health, Mickey McDermott, Vice President Communications-North America.
  Presenting: "Social Media and PR: A Natural Pair."

Cummins, Blair Claflin, Global Diversity Communications Manager.
  Presenting: "Diversity in Communications."

SAS, Pamela Meek, Senior Director, External Communications.
  Presenting: "Best Place to Work Ranking = Exponential Brand Enhancement."

Aflac, Laura Kane, Vice President, External Communications.
  Presenting: "Reputation Measurement."

Cargill, Vicky Li, International Communications Specialist, Corporate Affairs.
  Presenting: "Communicating to Employees Globally."

Safeway, Teena Massingill, Director of Corporate Public Affairs.
  Presenting: "Tucson Tragedy Response."

Mayo Clinic, Michael Yardley, Chair, Public Affairs Member, Brand Management Team.
  Presenting: "Encouraging Employees to Deliver the Brand Promise."

TheLadders, Maria Sekar, PR Manager.
  Presenting: "The Greatest Hits: Best Practices for Media Relations Success."

State Street Corp, Jennifer M. Grygiel, AVP, Social Business & Emerging Media Manager.
  Presenting: "Collaborate: Launching a Social Intranet."

SunGard, Jamie Serino, Vice President Communications.
  Presenting: "Better Aligning Communications Efforts with Sales."

Ryman Auditorium, Lisaann Dupont, Communications Manager.
  Presenting: "Social Media Strategy Isn't One Size Fits All, How To Figure Out What Works For Your Brand."

Rio Tinto, Florence M. Yaeger, Global Communications Manager, Communications & External Affairs.
  Presenting: "Neuroscience of Change: The 'New Science' Behind Employee Engagement."

AMC Theatres, Ryan Noonan, Director of Public Relations.
  Presenting: "Lights, Camera, Misinformation!"

The Dow Chemical Company, Patty Deutsche, Senior Manager, Public Affairs.
  Presenting: "Community Success at Dow."

Campbell Soup Company, Niki King, Manager - CSR Program Office.
  Presenting: "CSR and Sustainability Reporting."

Capital One, Richard Woods, Senior VP Corporate Affairs.
  Presenting: "New Frontiers in Reputation Management."

McGraw Hill Financial, Ted Smyth, Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs.
  Presenting: "Thought Leadership: Run it Like a Campaign!"

KPMG, Ron Casalotti, Associate Director Social Media and Advertising,.
  Presenting: "Social Media and the Communications Professional."

DHL, Jennifer L. Pakradooni Director, Corporate Communications, Global Forwarding, Americas.
  Presenting: "A Media Training Refresh Exercise."

AutoDesk, Daniel Zucker, Sr. Manager, Social Media.
  Presenting: "Storytelling @ Scale."

Rio Tinto, Jennifer Russo, Communications Manager-Copper Group.
  Presenting: "The Case for Strategy and Integration."

Yellowbook, Patrick Marshall, Chief New Media Officer.
  Presenting: "Sustainability and PR."

University of Phoenix, Jenifer King, Sr. Director, Publications, Communications & Operations.
  Presenting: "Engaging the Disengaged."

Equifax, Dianne Bernez, SVP, Corporate Communications.
  Presenting: "Brand/Vision Alignment."

Hertz Corporation, Allison Jackson, Director of Global Internal Communications.
  Presenting: "Aligning Communications in a Matrixed Organization."

Jamba Juice, Janice Duis, Sr. Director, Corporate Communications.
  Presenting: "Managing Through a Social Media Crisis."

Smithsonian Institution, Pherabe Kolb, Associate Director of Strategic Communications.
  Presenting: "Launching a Brand Strategy."

Kaiser Permanente, Holly Potter, Vice President, Public Relations.
  Presenting: "Elevating the Voice of Customers and Influencers."

Catchpole Corp, Amy Scarlino, President & CEO.
  Presenting: "7 Steps to Establishing a Corporate Visibility Speaker Program."

Michelin, William "Billy" Crank, Senior Community Relations Manager.
  Presenting: "CSR: A Competitive Advantage."

Right On Interactive, Lauren Littlefield, Director of Marketing.
  Presenting: "WARNING: Contents May Include Public Relations."

Goodyear, Chris Curran, Vice President, Communications & PR.
  Presenting: "How to Use Big Ideas to Gain Brand Awareness ."

Viacom, Lenore Feder, Director, Corporate Responsibility & Communications.
  Presenting: "Realizing Engagement through Corporate Social Responsibility."

Equifax, Tim Klein, Vice President, Public Relations.
  Presenting: "The Story behind the Story."

Pitney Bowes, Matthew Broder, Vice President, External Communications.
  Presenting: "The Seven Great PR Transformations."

Ant's Eye View, Jake McKee, Chief Ant Wrangler.
  Presenting: "5 Tips to Engaging Bloggers."

Computerworld - InfoWorld, Paul Calento, SVP Strategic Development.
  Presenting: "Building a Social Media Marketing Strategy."

Siemens, Mendi Paschal, Director Global PR.
  Presenting: "Leveraging PR to Raise Market and Brand Awareness."

Hilton Hotels Corporation, Kathy Shepard, V.P. Corporate Communications.
  Presenting: "Best Practices in Crisis Communication."

Owens Corning, Kerry Desberg, Global Manager, Business Media Relations.
  Presenting: "Are You a Terrible Client? 8 Symptoms & Remedies."

YRC Worldwide, Mike Brown, VP Strategic Market Planning & Research.
  Presenting: "Taking the NO Out of Innovation."

Siemens, John Clendening, SVP Corporate Marketing.
  Presenting: "Simplifying a Complicated Message Through a Creative Platform and Executing It Consistently."

Cargill, Mark Klein, Director Communications.
  Presenting: "Stereotypes, Half Truths, Skewed Data and Just Plain Wrong Information."

YRC Worldwide, Veronica Jaster, Vice President Marketing Communications.
  Presenting: "Marketing: Activating Sponsorship to Connect with Customers, Employees, and your Communities."

The Allied, Brian Butler, VP Sales and Marketing.
  Presenting: "Bulls-Eye Marketing - The Power of Personalization."

Owens Corning, Kerry Desberg, Global Manager, Business Media Relations.
  Presenting: "Do you have a Green Backbone? Eight Ways to Make Sure You are a Strong Steward of your Company's Credibility in the World of Sustainability."

CNN/Turner, Adacelis Perez-Otero, Communications Manager.
  Presenting: "Cultural Differences in International Communications."

Garmin International, Jessica Myers, Senior Media Relations Specialist.
  Presenting: "Blogging: How it Fits Into Your Marketing Mix."

Allied Group, Elise Hamann, Director, Media Relations.
  Presenting: "Using PR to help you Attract, Acquire and Retain the Right Business."

IBM, Ann Cramer, Director of North America Corporate Citizenship and Corporate Affairs.
  Presenting: "How Marketing and Communications Can Leverage Corporate Citizenship to Deliver Greatness?"

Harrah's Entertainment, David Norton, SVP Relationship Marketing.
  Presenting: "PR Strategy Case Study."

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