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Procurement Leadership Institute Meeting Dates

All webconferences begin at 12 noon Eastern unless noted below and are also both recorded and summarized for our international members and those with schedule conflicts.
2015:   1/26/15, 2/9/15, 3/16/15, 4/20/15, 5/18/15, 6/15/15, 7/20/15, 8/17/15, 9/21/15 (2pm), 10/19/15, 11/16/15, 12/14/15.
2016:   1/18/16, 2/15/16, 3/21/16, 4/18/16, 5/16/16, 6/20/16, 7/18/16, 8/15/16, 9/19/16, 10/17/16, 11/14/16 (2pm), 12/19/16 (2pm).

On-Demand Library (Videos and Summaries Included)

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IBM, Lou Ferretti, Director of Global Procurement.
  Presenting: "Global Supply Social & Environmental Management System and Requirements for Suppliers."

ConAgra Foods, D.K. Singh, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Procurement.
  Presenting: "How to Partner with Suppliers."

Home Depot, Susan O'Farrell, Chief Procurement Officer.
  Presenting: "Spend Management & Opportunity Assessment."

Siemens, Carl Oberland, Vice President, Supply Chain Management.
  Presenting: "A Supply Chain Financing Payment Term Initiative."

Marriott International, Stephane Masson, Vice President, Global Procurement.
  Presenting: "Latest Issues Relating to Global Procurement."

Cox, Mike Mannheimer, VP and Chief Procurement Officer.
  Presenting: "Green Procurement."

Pepsi, Russ Wood, Director of Responsible and Sustainable Sourcing.
  Presenting: "Corporate Social Responsibility Collaboration."

Four Season Hotel-Boston, Kevin Burke, Director of Purchasing.
  Presenting: "Maintaining Relationships with Important Business Partners."

Novell, Eric Thomas, Director of Global Sourcing and Procurement.
  Presenting: "Partnering with Suppliers."

McGraw Hill, Kevin Giblin, VP of Procurement.
  Presenting: "Supplier Maturity."

La-Z-Boy, Mark Hellwig, VP of Corporate Fabric Procurement.
  Presenting: "Balancing Import vs. Domestic Sourcing."

Clorox, John Wooten, Senior Manager of Logistics Procurement.
  Presenting: "Transportation Sourcing for the Long Run."

Wells Fargo, Derek Cantey, Senior Sourcing Manager.
  Presenting: "The Changing Landscape for Supply Diversity."

Waste Management, Bryan Kirk.
  Presenting: "Finding Savings in Utility Purchasing."

Oracle, David Hope-Ross, Director of Purchasing.
  Presenting: "Marketing Skills Procurement Professionals Can Really Use."

Novell Incorporated, Eric Thomas, Director of Sourcing and Procurement.
  Presenting: "Partnering With Suppliers."

Department of Homeland Security, Mui Erkun, Procurement Ombudsman and Industry Liason.
  Presenting: "Government Procurement Lessons."

DHL Express, Charles Brewer, Sr.V.P. and General Manager.
  Presenting: "Sailing Through the Downturn-The Art of Supply Chain Management."

Applebee's Services, Sam Rothschild, Sr. VP Operations.
  Presenting: "Shared Services - Overview of Opportunity."

Apollo Group, Patrick Bliss, Director for Partnership Strategy.
  Presenting: "Developing an Effective Procurement Plan."

Lear, Eric Schwarz, VP Global Purchasing.
  Presenting: "VA/VE With Suppliers."

IBM, Lou Ferretti, Project Executive, Center of Excellence.
  Presenting: "Global Supply – Demonstrating Social & Environmental Leadership Across The Supply Chain."

University of Missouri, Daryl Hodnett, Director-Supplier Diversity and Small Business Dev Program.
  Presenting: "Supplier Diversity in the Procurement Process."

Dell, Adam Bushong, Global Commodity Manager.
  Presenting: "Will You Ride the Sustainability Wave, or Be Crushed by It?"

Mayo Clinic, Bruce Mairose, Vice Chair Supply Chain Management.
  Presenting: "Transformation in a Large Integrated Delivery Network."

Thomson Reuters, Ainhoa Sola, Strategic Sourcing Regional Director.
  Presenting: "Category Management: A Practical Example."

Sage, Teresa Applegate, Director of Strategic Sourcing.
  Presenting: "Strategic Sourcing Transformation."

Diebold, Josh Kaiman, Sourcing Manager, Managed and Integrated Services.
  Presenting: "Addressing Strategic Sourcing Challenges and Applying Best Practices."

Johnson Controls, Reginald K. Layton, Director, Diversity Business Development.
  Presenting: "Supplier Diversity Best Practices."

BidSync/Novatus, Jon Moody, VP Sales and Ryan Tohill, VP Sales.
  Presenting: "Contract Management in the Cloud."

Novartis, Giles Breault, Head of Global Productivity and Business Services.
  Presenting: "Is Sourcing Living up to it's Full Potential?"

NVIDIA, Michael Glass, Global Procurement Manager.
  Presenting: "Analytics and Metrics."

Gallup Government, William Kruse, Vice President Legal – Associate Counsel.
  Presenting: "Creating and Managing an Audit Proof Subcontractor plan."

Accenture, Robert Forrest, Senior Director, Procurement Costing.
  Presenting: "Expanding Sourcing's Impact Through Complexity Management."

The Hackett Group, Chris Sawchuk, Principle and Global Procurement Practice Leader.
  Presenting: "Driving Value in Uncertain Times."

U.S.BanCorp, Robin M. Billups, Supplier Diversity Manager.
  Presenting: "Corporate Procurement Supplier Diversity/Supplier Development."

KLA Tencor, Scott Paull.
  Presenting: "Managing Competitive Risks in Supplier Partnerships."

Spherion Franchise/License Division, Patti Dunning, Regional VP.
  Presenting: "Understand and Manage the Generations."

Sun Trust Bank, Ron Reighter, VP Global Trade Solutions.
  Presenting: "International and Domestic Supply Chain Best Practices."

Microsoft, John Stephens, Senior Director of Marketing Procurement.
  Presenting: "Communicating Procurement Value – Branding the Discipline Internally."

Northrop Grumman, Andrew Toache, Manager, Procurement Operations and Supply Chain.
  Presenting: "Managing Supplier Performance."

Ball Plastics Corporation, Fred Kuepper, Purchasing Manager for Ball Plastics Container Operations.
  Presenting: "Purchasing Best Practices and the Importance of Partnering with Suppliers."

Quadrem International, Brandon Spear, Senior Vice President - Operations.
  Presenting: "Mastering Inventory Management."

Department of Homeland Security, Mui Erkun, Procurement Ombudsman.
  Presenting: "Acquisition Programs."

Roadway, Bhadresh Sutaria, CFO of Meridian IQ.
  Presenting: "Leveraging Your Supply Chain to Optimize Financial Performance and Shareholder Value."

Department of Energy, Frank Spampinato, Chief Acquisition Officer.
  Presenting: "Current Issues in the Acquisition Workforce."

Stanley-Bostitch, John Martino VP Supply Chain Management.
  Presenting: "Supply Management Best Practice - 4 Steps to Success."

Aberdeen Group, Beth Enslow, SVP Enterprise Research.
  Presenting: "Global Purchasing: Avoiding Supply Chain and Finance Mistakes."

Cataphora, Sonya L. Sigler, General Counsel.
  Presenting: "Selecting a Vendor."

YRC Worldwide, Keith Prather, Director of Strategic Market Planning.
  Presenting: "Cultivating a Strategic Procurement Perspective."

IBM, Louis R. Ferretti, Director of Global Procurement.
  Presenting: "Procurement Strategies and Thoughts."

Owens Corning, Kerry Desberg, Global Manager of Business Media Relations.
  Presenting: "Do You Have a Green Backbone? The World of Sustainability."

LexisNexis, Michael Frankel, Senior Vice President Finance and M&A.
  Presenting: "Balancing P&L Verses Balance Sheet in Choosing Acquisition vs. Building."

Stanley Bostitch, John Martino, Director Global Supply Chain Management.
  Presenting: "Supply Management Best Practice: 4-steps to Success."

Diebold, Michael Rager, VP Procurement.
  Presenting: "Ways to Improve Purchasing Performance."

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