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Training Leadership Institute Meeting Dates

All webconferences begin at 12 noon Eastern unless noted below and are also both recorded and summarized for our international members and those with schedule conflicts.
2015:   1/8/15, 2/5/15, 3/5/15, 5/7/15, 6/4/15, 7/9/15, 8/6/15, 9/3/15, 9/17/15, 10/1/15, 11/5/15, 12/3/15.
2016:   1/7/16, 2/4/16, 3/3/16, 4/7/16, 5/5/16, 6/2/16, 7/7/16, 8/4/16, 9/1/16, 10/6/16, 11/3/16, 12/1/16.

On-Demand Library (Videos and Summaries Included)

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Pfizer, Robert Hathaway, Director, Leadership, Education and Global Effectiveness.
  Presenting: "Courageous Conversations in Leadership Learning."

Whirlpool, Tamara Patrick, Global Director, Whirlpool University.
  Presenting: "A Corporate University Re-Invents Itself."

Neiman Marcus, Keith Meyerson, Director, Learning & Development.
  Presenting: "The Changing Role of Learning & Development."

Avon Products, Andrea Procaccino, Global Head, Learning & Development - Global Talent Management.
  Presenting: "Using Virtual/Avatar Based Training Environments to Reach a Global Workforce."

QUALCOMM, Tamar Elkeles, Vice President of Learning & Development.
  Presenting: "Managing and Gettng the Most of Training Staff."

Cox Communications, Quinn Leoni, Director of Training and Organizational Development and Recruiting.
  Presenting: "Leader as an Influencer."

Dow Corning, Ed Colbert, Global Director, Talent Management.
  Presenting: "Career Development Case Study."

CBS, Jeff Fanselow, Director Learning & Development.
  Presenting: "Using Assessments."

The Weather Channel, Jan McKenzie, Director of Training and Development.
  Presenting: "What Do You Teach in a Recession? A Resurgence in the Need to Connect and Communicate."

7-Eleven, Vickie Canon, Manager of 7-Excel University.
  Presenting: "Proving Credibility Through Measurement."

Rosetta Stone, Pete Rumpel, Vice President.
  Presenting: "Building a Culture of Excellence in Learning Area."

Time Warner Turner Broadcasting, Michelle Kilroy, Director, Talent Development.
  Presenting: "New Employee On-boarding."

Unisys, Andy Lee, Global Portfolio Director.
  Presenting: "Unified Social Business: Solutions to Critical Knowledge Transfer."

Midas International, Brian Watkins, Director of Training.
  Presenting: "Measuring and Driving Results."

PricewaterhouseCoopers, Lila Levy, Faculty Development Manager.
  Presenting: "e-Training and e-Development for Managers."

PayPal, Nina Swanson, Senior Manager, Organizational Development and Learning.
  Presenting: "Training to Performance Consulting: A Journey NOT a Destination!"

Bristol-Myers Squibb, Anita Russell, Manager, R&D Skill Development.
  Presenting: "New Employee Engagement, Immersion & Learning."

Dollar Tree Stores, Lisa Hall, Director of Field Training and Development.
  Presenting: "Re-Inventing a Culture, One Person at a Time."

Banner Health, Robin B. Hollis, Senior Director of Learning & Development.
  Presenting: "Creating a Leadership Academy - Leadership Development Strategies."

Harrah's, Michelle Hayes, Employee Relations and Communications Manager.
  Presenting: "Engaging Employees During A Tough Economy."

Intuit, Chris Galy, Director, Talent Planning and Recruiting.
  Presenting: "Our Talent Planning Journey."

Midas International, Brian Watkins, Director of Training.
  Presenting: "Measuring and Driving Results."

Pier 1 Imports, Sharon Leite, Executive Vice President, Stores.
  Presenting: "Rebuilding a Culture."

Constellation Energy, Stephen King, Chief Learning Officer.
  Presenting: "Leveraging Technology to Enable Learning & Performance."

Agilent, Sally Nowak, Global Program Manager.
  Presenting: "Global Learning and Leadership Development."

University of Virginia, Darden Graduate School of Business, Martin Davidson, Chief Diversity Officer.
  Presenting: "Learning to Leverage Difference."

Oracle, Jonathan Vinoskey, Learning Management Product Strategist.
  Presenting: "Training, Learning, and Performance Improvement."

Dell, Sallia Bandy, Manager of Global IT Technical Training Operations.
  Presenting: "Aligning Structure to the Learning Group's Deliverables."

Hilton Hotels, Ellyn Lambert, Manager - Sales Training and Development.
  Presenting: "Building a Culture of Excellence in the Learning Area."

ChoicePoint, Laura Young, Director of Diversity and Talent Development.
  Presenting: "Assessing and Developing Talent Through Coaching and Mentoring."

The Boeing Company, Sonja Alseike, Auditor-Corporate Audit.
  Presenting: "Corporate Training and Development."

YRC Worldwide, Mike Brown, Vice President-Strategic Planning & Marketing Communications.
  Presenting: "Taking the No Out of InNOvation."

Oracle Corporation, Jonathan Vinoskey, Learning Management Product Strategist.
  Presenting: "Unleashing Innovation and Performance."

iFive Alliances, Paul Terlemezian, President.
  Presenting: "Social Learning."

AMF Bowling Worldwide, Tony Ponsiglione, VP HR.
  Presenting: "Human Resources Tactics in a Turnaround."

Capital One University, Matt Stevens, Senior Director, Enterprise Learning.
  Presenting: "Client Interaction Model Overview."

Panda Restaurant Group, Jim Abraham, Human Resources Director.
  Presenting: "Creating a Culture of Learning within your Organization."

Air Products and Chemicals, Rebecca Bechtel, Manager, Peoples College America's Region.
  Presenting: "Global Management Development Solutions."

Raytheon, Tracy Cox, Director of Raytheon Enterprise Integration.
  Presenting: "Organizational Network Analysis to Improve Organizational Effectiveness."

Standard Parking Corporation, Tracy Lendi, Director of Training and Development.
  Presenting: "Don’t Get Kicked Off the Island! Tactical Methods to Ensure Training is a Survivor during Budget Season."

American Express, Jeanette Harrison, Vice President, Learning.
  Presenting: "Network Using Emerging Technology to Strengthen Training & Development."

Cross Country Healthcare, Dr. Franklin A. Shaffer, Executive Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer.
  Presenting: "Training Best Practices from Building a Corporate University."

Kolter Solutions, Marcie Lushen, Director of Recruitment.
  Presenting: "Successful Succession Planning."

General Mills , Inna Elsner, QRO Training & Development Manager.
  Presenting: "Winning Strategies and Best Practices for Global Knowledge Transfer."

Ericsson, Peter Sheppard, Global Head of Learing Excellence.
  Presenting: "Transforming Learning."

General Mills, Liz Smith, Continuous Improvement Manager.
  Presenting: "From PowerPoint to Experiences: Transforming Technical Training."

3M, Ann Cushman, Training Developer.
  Presenting: "Learning Transformation."

7-Eleven, Allessandria Polizzi, Director of Learning & Development.
  Presenting: "Learning Case Study."

SAP America, Ari Katanick, Vice President and Learning Officer.
  Presenting: "Skills Transformation Enablement Methods."

University of Pheonix, Alan Faulk, National Training Manager.
  Presenting: "Powerful Storytelling: Stories that Move Individuals to Action.."

EMC, Tom Clancy, Vice President, Education Services.
  Presenting: "Transforming the Workforce in a Rapidly Changing Work Environment."

Rotary, Angela Howard, Organization Development and Change Partner.
  Presenting: "Journey to an Engaged Workforce."

AstraZeneca, Mike Hardman, VP IMI Collaborations.
  Presenting: "Working towards a Framework for Continuing Professional Development."

Parsons, Dave Schlesinger, Training Manager.
  Presenting: "Instructor Excellence."

Marriott, Ted Stodolka, Global Sales & Customer Care.
  Presenting: "Gamification."

Pepsi, Denise Stonsby, Senior Manager.
  Presenting: "Action Learning... Creating a Global Approach to Developing High Potentials."

Transamerica, Adam Yasneski, Director of Training.
  Presenting: "Navigating your e-Learning Transformation."

Vonage, Bill Solomon, VP, Customer Care.
  Presenting: "Learning & Development for Contact Centers."

Cooper Tire, Elicia Davis, Manager of Talent Development.
  Presenting: "Talent Management Process."

Pearson Education, Susan Bernardo, Manager, Training & Development.
  Presenting: "People Development Through Telecourses."

Papa John's International, Brent Engel, Senior Manager, Operations Support & Training.
  Presenting: "Building a Corporate University."

Fairchild Semiconductor, Debra Schuler, Senior Learning and Development Manager.
  Presenting: "Launching a Global Management / Leadership Development Program."

Citrix, Neily Buff, Senior Manager, America's Education Sales.
  Presenting: "Virtual Training Best Practices."

Xerox, Joyce Geier, Director, Competency Development.
  Presenting: "Designing Culture, Designing Learning: A Case Study."

Berlitz, Diane McGreal, Director Intercultural Mobility Solutions.
  Presenting: "The Journey to Cultural Competency."

Intuit, Jill Coln, Learning and Development Manager.
  Presenting: "Designing for Delight: Treating Employees as Customers."

Agilent, Pete Cage, Global Learning & Leadership Development.
  Presenting: "Learning as Part of Work, Not Apart From Work"

AutoNation, Ken Gregson, Director of Variable Operations & Training.
  Presenting: "Introducing Learning Technologies into a Pure ILT Culture."

Lucasfilm, Andrea Robb, Sr. Manager, Leadership Development & People Strategy.
  Presenting: "Training and Development Case Study."

Tyco, A.J. Ripin, Vice President, Strategic Engagement.
  Presenting: "Leveraging the Latest Learning Technologies."

Citi, Rob Robertson, SVP, Strategy Standards & Innovation.
  Presenting: "SharePoint in Support of Learning Organizations."

Wiley, Kevin Kelly, Director, Wiley Learning Institute.
  Presenting: "Flipping Professional Development."

Zurich Insurance Company, Thorsten Klein, Head Talent, Learning, Organizational Effectiveness.
  Presenting: "People & Leadership Challenges in MENA."

Philips, Marcia Trajano, Technical Training Manager.
  Presenting: "The ROI of our Techincal Training Certification Program."

Turner Broadcasting System, Karen Most, Digital Training Manager.
  Presenting: "Digital University Training Tips."

Pfizer, Robert Hathaway, Dir Leadership Ed.
  Presenting: "Courageous Leadership Learning."

Xerox, Karen Johnson, Mgr eService Learning.
  Presenting: "eServices Learning & Kaizen."

U.S. GAO, Carol Willett, CLO.
  Presenting: "Building a Strong Learning Stakeholder Network."

Cerner, Robert Campbell, VP of Learning.
  Presenting: "Corporate University Positive ROI."

Intel, Gloria Pearson, eLearning Manager.
  Presenting: "Corporate Compliance Training Excellence."

Randstad, Greg Dillon, Learning Mgr.
  Presenting: "Reducing Time to Competency in New Hires."

Peace Corps, Michael Densley, Chief Overseas Training.
  Presenting: "Global Diversity & Learning."

Capital One, Michael Walker, Dir Learning Operations.
  Presenting: "Using Emerging Technology to Strengthen Training and Development."

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